Happier Staff – More Efficient Workflow – Reduced Costs

Operational Benefits:

  1. maid_towels350Reduces the number of trips by the staff between the room and cart minimizing the time taken to make turnaround goals and improving CRM by limiting guest interaction with maintenance
  2. Proven MPR (minutes per room) efficiency translates to HR/operational savings and increased profitability
  3. Having pre-stocked inventory belts, Improves customer service with rapid response times for guest requests of sundry items.
  4. Ergonomic design specifically targeting the hotel and hospitality industry
  5. Reduction in repetitive stress related injurie, improved morale through reduced fatigue and productive job satisfaction

Business Benefits:

  1. Efficient catalyst for progressive work-flows resulting in exponential profit increase
  2. Reasonable Investment/Strong ROI
  3. Custom configuration to meet your specific needs including: custom
    branding, cobranding, and beta testing product deployments with approved offers
  4. Proven Track Record of Quality Control and Customer Service