Enhancing the Experience

Enhancing the Hospitality Housekeeping Experience

Striving Toward Seamless Operations

We’ve identified opportunities for improving hospitality housekeeping with the Cleaner’s Helper:

  • Time Savings
  • Cost Reduction
  • Improved Staff Morale
  • Repetitive Stress Injury Prevention

The ROI Is Substantial

In the typical housekeeping workflow, there are great opportunities to improve efficiency and reduce the cost-per-room. By reducing the trips between the room and hallway cart, reducing movement within the room, and by keeping necessary tools and supplies as close as possible, the time to clean each room is reduced.

When using Cleaner’s Helper, time savings are both incremental and exponential. Even taking a conservative approach with the math, the benefits are clear. If we assume a crew of ten, cost savings would be $38.50 per day total*, or approximately $14,000 annually.

The break even point for a crew of 10 is about 14 shifts!