Cleaner’s Helper Housekeeping Tool Belt

How Can Cleaner’s Helper Benefit Your Operation?

maid_pink_glovesThe Helper Brands®, developer of revolutionary helpmate tool for the automotive and detailing industry, the Detailer’s Helper, has engineered a new helpmate specifically designed for the hospitality industry: Cleaner’s Helper®.

Let us show you why we think our new Cleaner’s Helper® will help improve staff morale, improve work ergonomics, better your work flow, and lower your costs.

Proven Results: We’ve made history revolutionizing the auto detailing industry, and now we’re applying our successful helper philosophy to the hospitality industry.

Operations Management: Hotels Management can now say to their staff, “we hear you!”

Morale & Productivity: Reduce time to turn rooms, increase efficiency, improve workflow ergonomics, better staff response times.

Brand Customization Options: Identify your hotel with a unique hospitality experience.

Cost/Pricing: Amazing ROI for a reasonable investment.