Improving Workflow

Improving Workflow and Saving Time

In the last three years, The Helper Brands has changed the detailing industry’s work flow by adding a tool belt, the Detailer’s Helper to their essential tool kit. The growth rate has not only been exciting, but has also meant additional total revenue in the industry.

Like the hospitality industry, having the needed tools and supplies close at hand greatly reduces the number of trips to a bench, cart, or even floor area to retrieve items. detailers_toobeltsEach reduction in trips saves time and makes the worker more efficient, and reduces the total time required to complete the job.

On average, detailers save 25% of the time required per car by using a purpose-designed tool belt!

The general operation and workflow of detailing compares well with those of housekeeping and janitorial staff. With each trip to the cart, movement to retrieve a tool or bottle, or missing supply, precious time is lost and costs are increased.

By including the Cleaner’s Helper tool belt within the housekeeping workflow, that time is saved, staff is less fatigued, and costs are reduced.